*Home of the 2012 MN State Fair Reserve Champion Saanen

Senior Doe and Grand Champion Saanen Jr Doe*

Welcome to Patch of Heaven Dairy Goats of Forest Lake, Minnesota, where we raise quality Saanen and LaMancha Dairy Goats.  Our farm is located on a six acre hobby farm, with plenty of pasture, and a playground area for the goats to play on.

Our names are Cassie and Gretchen Beverly and we do everything for our goats. We have been raising dairy goats since 2004 and have done very well with our small herd at shows. We are members of the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association),  MDGA (Minnesota Dairy Goat Association), ALC (American LaMancha Club), NSBA (National Saanen Breeders Association) and show at many ADGA sanctioned shows each year.


While keeping our herd small, we focus on breeding quality goats, who not only show well, but produce well, too. The small herd that we have is consistent in placing within the top half of their classes when competing at larger shows around the state. Being a nice honor seeing as though we bring our entire herd to the shows. The past seven years have been filled with hard work and determination. We brought 14 does to the 2012 Minnesota State Fair and Patch of Heaven had two does earning top honors at the Minnesota State Fair this year. Kapra Vista Not A Word was Reserve Grand Champion Saanen Sr. Doe and Century Farm's Pied Piper was Grand Champion Saanen Jr. Doe.


All of our animals are raised on CAE  prevention and taken away from their dam. The first week or so the kids live in the house with us as we start kidding in January. They are then moved outside when they are a little stronger. All kids receive their CD&T and selenium shots before they will ever leave the farm. From one week of age kids are raised on lamb starter pellets and free choice alfalfa/grass hay, with fresh water available at all times. The kids also enjoy big pens filled with lots of toys to play on.




Patch of Heaven Dairy Goats
The Beverly Family
7203 153rd Ave.
Forest Lake, MN  55025

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