Welcome to Patch of Heaven Dairy Goats of Elk River Minnesota. My name is Gretchen Beverly and I raise Lamancha dairy goats! I first started raising dairy goats with my sister, Cassie under the Patch of Heaven herd name in 2004 in Forest Lake, Minnesota. The goats started as our 4-H project with Cassie having Saanens and I having the Lamanchas. We both continued all the way through 4-H with our goats and still enjoy raising goats to this day.


Since our 4-H years, many things have changed; the first being Cassie got married in March of 2014 and now raises her Saanens under the ROCAWOOD herd name in Nowthen, Minnesota. I have continued using the Patch of Heaven (POH) herd name for my Lamanchas. But in June of 2014, I made a big move with my herd to Elk River, Minnesota. We moved from 5 acres of more low lands to 15 acres of beautiful, shady, rolling hills of pastures for the goats to roam and enjoy.


The herd averages about 14 animals year round, with the majority being Lamanchas. I love the unique personalities of the Lamanchas as they make me laugh every day! I attend several shows each year and the Lamanchas are always top contenders in the show ring. I also try to Linear Appraise the goats every couple years so that I am always able to improve my herd and breed for very structurally sound animals that are beneficial to the Lamancha breed.   


Herd health and management is our top priority. Mature does are fed a grass/alfalfa mix in addition to 16% sweet feed, oats, beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, calf manna, free choice minerals and kelp. Does are dewormed as needed, and are  vaccinated yearly for CD&T. Supplemental copper and Bose are given as a source of selenium. All does are monitored very closely during kidding season, all births are attended and kids removed. Kids are raised on a strict CAE prevention, getting pulled at birth and fed heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. From two week of age kids are raised on Purina Noble medicated feed with free choice grass/alfalfa hay, and fresh water available at all times.



For questions regarding the herd or to reserve a kid contact Gretchen at gbeverly7@yahoo.com or by phone 651-982-4652, we are happy to answer your questions.


Patch of Heaven Dairy Goats



Gretchen Beverly
Elk River, MN  55330

Page last updated on 01/17/2019

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